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Posted by: Letters of the Law on Oct 1, 2014

Journal Issue Date: Oct 2014

Journal Name: October 2014 - Vol. 50, No. 10

Social Media Column Hits Home

Being an avid reader of the Tennessee Bar Journal, one of the first things I turn to is Bill Haltom’s column. In the September 2014 issue of the Journal (But Seriously Folks! “#Lawyer”), I?found a kindred spirit in Mr. Haltom. I?want to have the first copy of his Who Cares Book. (This is an excellent example of how little I?participate in social media. My secretary informed me that Mr. Haltom was not making a joke about an actual book (as I had thought) but an alternative social media site for those of us that don’t don’t care what you had for breakfast or what you’re wearing!).

I realize that, like Bill, I’m in a minority by not taking part in social media. I grew up thinking private things should remain private (like what bedclothes, or lack thereof, you wear) and I?don’t feel the need to share what I?had for breakfast with the world, every day of the week. I’m old (born 1938), was a law school classmate of [former TBA President] Al Harvey (one of Bill’s partners) and unlike most lawyers today I?don’t use or even own a computer. And, while I?don’t email, I?do, however, text from my cell phone. If I?hoped to stay in touch with my grandchildren I?had to pick up texting as they rarely answer their cell phones. I recently got an iPad, but truthfully, had it not been part of a “free offer,” I?wouldn’t have purchased one.
Being unable to limit myself to 140 characters (most of us can’t) I?wanted to let others know #Lawyer apparently covers a lot of “old folks.”

— John G. Mitchell Jr., Murfreesboro.