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Posted by: Kelly Stosik on Jan 1, 2015

Journal Issue Date: Jan 2015

Journal Name: January 2015 - Vol. 51, No. 1

2015 … MMXV … it’s not just about wearable technology … green wooden sheep … cheap gas.

2015 is about good deeds … paying it forward … and justice for all!

Just look at the public service award recipients in this Journal! They are GORGEOUS!!! Inside and out! I love them! Last year a gazillion TBA volunteers showed up at umpteen events across the state that helped thousands of Tennesseans! Did I mention that I LOVE them!?

2015 is the time for you to shine! Now, more than ever before, people who cannot afford legal assistance need it, and the TBA has a long list of ways for you to get involved!

Visit www.tba.org/access-to-justice to see how you can use your amazing skills to help others! Here are just a few of the benefits YOU will receive from helping people …

  1. You Will Live Longer
  2. You Will Be Healthier
  3. You Will Be Part of the Solution
  4. You Will Have a Warm Glow and Good Karma
  5. You Will Learn
  6. You Will Connect with People
  7. You Will Remember Why You Decided to Go to Law School
  8. You Might Even Get Recognized on the 2015 Pro Bono Honor Roll!

Kiss, kiss, you adorable do-gooder you!


“I will not wait until the last minute to take my CLE. I will not wait until the last minute to take my CLE! I will not wait until the last minute to take my CLE!”


The TBA has an interesting and diverse selection of CLE happening in the first few months of 2015…from estate planning and construction law all the way to Tech Gadgets and cozy ski trips! Get your CLE on early this year!

Just do it! Find out about all the CLE available at WWW.TBA.ORG!