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Posted by: Journal News on Dec 1, 2014

Journal Issue Date: Dec 2014

Journal Name: December 2014 - Vol. 50, No. 12

[UPDATE: This is a corrected version to indicate that the incumbent in the position of 8th District governor is ineligible to run because of term limits.]


During 2015, the following officers, governors and delegates of the Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) will be elected as set forth in the association’s bylaws:

TBA Officers and Board of Governors
A vice president (from the West Tennessee Grand Division — elected by the association’s membership-at-large). The vice president automatically assumes the office of president-elect in 2017 and president in 2018.

District Governors
District Governors in the 3rd, 5th (Position 1), 6th, and 8th districts will be elected to three-year terms. These governors are elected by the members in their respective districts.

Those who currently hold those positions are: Chris Varner (3rd), Mary Dohner Smith (5th, Position 1), Kim Helper (6th), and Carl Carter (8th). Chris Varner (3rd) and Carl Carter (8th) are ineligible for re-election as district governor because of term limits.

Grand Division Governors
TBA Grand Division Governors are elected for one-year terms by the membership in each grand division:

  • Two East Tennessee governors from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd district.
  • Two Middle Tennessee governors from the 4th, 5th or 6th district.
  • Two West Tennessee governors from the 7th or 8th district.

To qualify, the petition must specify whether the candidate is seeking a particular seat denominated Grand Division (Position 1) or (Position 2).

Those who currently hold those positions are:

East Tennessee:    
Sarah Sheppeard (Position 1)
Andy Roskind (Position 2)

Middle Tennessee:    
Gary Shockley (Position 1)
David Veile (Position 2)

West Tennessee:    
Lucian Pera (Position 1)
Brian Faughnan (Position 2).

Sarah Sheppeard, Andy Roskind, Gary Shockley, David Veile, Lucian Pera and Brian Faughnan are eligible for re-election.

TBA Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates
Two members to represent the TBA in the American Bar Association (ABA) House of Delegates will be elected for two-year terms by the TBA membership in 2015. The positions are designated positions 1 and 3. The delegate in position 3 must be thirty-five (35) years of age or younger when the term begins at the close of the 2015 ABA Annual Meeting.

Those who currently hold those positions are Jonathan Cole (1) and Lee Bussart (3). Lee Bussart is not eligible for re-election.

Qualifying, Balloting & Elections
The officers, governors and delegates to the ABA are elected by the membership as provided by election procedures with petitions due Feb. 15, 2015.

To qualify for any of these offices, a candidate must file a nominating petition with the executive director of the TBA. The petition must contain the names of 25 members of the association in good standing. The petition must be received at the TBA office on or before Feb. 15, 2015.

The Board of Governors has authorized an electronic balloting system supervised by auditors selected by the Board. After electronic balloting, mail ballots are also distributed. To be counted, these mail ballots must be received at the office of the TBA auditors. If there is only one duly-qualified candidate for an office by Feb. 15, 2015, that candidate will automatically be declared elected.

TBA House of Delegates
Members of the TBA House of Delegates are elected in odd-numbered years. One member of the TBA House of Delegates from each Judicial District and one additional delegate from the 6th (Knox County), 11th (Hamilton County), 20th (Davidson County) and 30th (Shelby County) are to be elected in 2015.

The following is a list of the current members of the House from each district (and one young lawyer delegate each grand division) whose terms expire this year:
1st District – Rick Bearfield
2nd District – Meredith Humbert
3rd District – Doug Collins
4th District – Judge Ben Strand
5th District – Norman Newton
6th District – Wilson Horde and Tim Housholder
7th District – Bob Wilkinson
8th District – Philip Kazee
9th District – VACANT
10th District – Bridget Willhite
11th District – Craig Smith and Pat Vital
12th District – Mark Raines
13th District – Hank Fincher
14th District – Ed North
15th District – Lisa Cothron
16th District – Ted Goodman
17th District – VACANT
18th District – VACANT
19th District – James Balthrop
20th District – James Cartiglia and Neal McBrayer
21st District – Rebecca Blair
22nd District – Claudia Jack
23rd District – David Brogdon
24th District – Ed Townsend
25th District – Weber McCraw
26th District – Chad Wood
27th District – Steve Conley
28th District – Terri Crider
29th District – Matt Willis
30th District – Charlotte Knight Griffin and Harrison McIver
31st District – Robert Bratcher and Michael Galligan
YLD-East – Chris McCarty
YLD-Middle – Nina Kumar
YLD-West – Nicole Grida

TBA House of Delegates Qualifying, Balloting & Elections
To qualify as a candidate for the TBA House of Delegates a TBA member must file a declaration of candidacy with the executive director of the TBA at the TBA office on or before Feb. 15, 2015.

This notice is in accordance with bylaws of the TBA §15 and 40 through 46.

For more information on running for any of these offices, visit the TBA’s website at https://www.tba.org/election-guidelines or call 615-383-7421 for an election handbook.