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Posted by: Brittany Sims on May 20, 2015

While pop stars can look forward to Law Vegas residencies when their careers cool off, it is much tougher to predict how things will be for lawyers in five to 10 year. Speakers at the Avvo’s sixth annual Lawyernomics conference tried to look into the crystal ball and talk about where the legal profession is heading and how it might look in the not-so-distant future. F. Daniel Siciliano, a professor at Stanford Law School, argued that as law becomes more open-sourced and readily available to the general public, people will no longer need attorneys to tell them what the law is. “In 15 years, two-thirds of lawyers won’t practice law, at least not the way they practice now,” Siciliano said. “Many won’t be lawyers at all.” The ABA Journal has more.