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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Jun 25, 2015

The Department of Revenue launched its newly redesigned website over the weekend. It features a more streamlined and modern look, and the content is easier to navigate.

The Department’s redesigned website is part of a statewide effort of the Governor’s 23 executive branch departments. We wanted to let you know about a few changes that come as a result of the new website:
·       The address for the main page of our website, http://www.tn.gov/revenue, will remain the same.
·       However, the website addresses for other parts of our website are changing as a result of the redesign. If you have items bookmarked on our old website, those bookmarks will no longer work.  Please remove your old bookmarks.
·       A button to access Revenue Help feature, where you can search for answers to questions, and submit questions to the Department, is prominently featured on the home page as well. We encourage you to use this feature, as it is a very quick and efficient way to get a response to your questions from the Department.

Much of the content organization follows an organization that is somewhat similar to our old website. However, there are a few changes to categories that you should be aware of:
Tax Resources—This area is akin to the “tax library” area of the Department’s old site.  However, in the new site, it is more comprehensive. It includes access to not only tax rulings and important notices, but also compliance information as well as statistics and collections.

Doing Business—Doing business offers information that may be helpful for new and existing businesses including taxpayer education information, tax and registration requirements, compliance information, and so on.

Taxes—You will see that the taxes pages are more comprehensive and better organized. They are designed to be “one-stop shops” for someone wanting to learn about a tax. Information about due dates and rates, exemptions, publications and much more can all be found on a single page by navigating the menu on the left hand side of each tax page.

We hope you enjoy our newly redesigned site and find it easier to use.  As always, we welcome your feedback, and we look forward to working with you.  You may submit your comments to our Director of Communications, Kelly Cortesi, at Kelly.Cortesi@tn.gov.