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Posted by: Kathy Prescott on Aug 1, 2015

Journal Issue Date: Aug 2015

Journal Name: August 2015 - Vol. 51, No. 8

Dear Maven,
Gosh, it’s hot outside.  This summer heat is putting a damper on all my outdoor activities!  What’s a person to do in Tennessee this time of year?  Please help!

Heat Wave

Dear Heat Wave,
I feel for ya!  I’m a hot mess myself this time of year.  If at all possible, don’t go outside.  If you do, wear a hat and lather on the 50+ sunscreen. 

Or, here’s another option.  Sign up for a CLE that you can attend in the comfort of your 62-degree air-conditioned office or onsite in a climate-controlled conference room! Have you seen all the CLEs that are posted on TBA.org? There’s a slew of them … so surely you can find one that strikes your fancy. How about a Fastcase webinar, estate planning, nonverbal communication, ethics, Fast Track programs, tort and insurance, drone law or the LGBT Law Annual Forum?  In addition, there are more than 200 courses available anytime on-demand!  And, you can use your newly received pre-paid CLE credits to boot!  What a deal! 

Yep, these CLE offerings are hot, hot, hot!  So stay cool while staying informed!