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Posted by: Jenny Jones on Aug 18, 2015

Welcome to our new and returning Section members!

The 2015 TBA Elder Law Forum was nothing short of fantastic. We enjoyed speakers from diverse backgrounds who shared interesting and educational information. The topics included issues related to end of life care, Medicaid litigation, Medicare, estate planning for blended families and the new safety assessment. Since the implementation of the new safety assessment rules, TennCare’s patient admission evaluation (PAE) appeals have been reduced by forty-two percent. That is a win-win for all involved.

During the lunch break, the executive council met and determined that regaining funding for CHOICES Group 3 is our top priority for 2015-2016. This important benefit is presently restricted to people who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  One of our excellent speakers at the forum was Julie Johnson, Deputy of Long Term Services and Supports—Operations. Ms. Johnson stated that our TennCare colleagues agree that Group 3 needs to be funded and are open to working with us and other stakeholders to achieve that goal.

I welcome you to become involved in this process. We need all hands on deck, especially now that Group 3 has been expanded to help pay toward assisted living. I am convinced that with Group 3 benefits for assisted living, many elderly Tennesseans will avoid or delay nursing home care.  Now, older adults will be able to access assisted living care, once out of reach due to the cost. Full funding for Group 3 benefits is a crucial step in reducing our nursing home population, keeping our clients and loved ones healthier, safer and happier.  I look forward to working with our section members, the TBA leadership, our TennCare colleagues and other stakeholders to bring Group 3 back to all Tennesseans.  

Monica Franklin
Chair, TBA Elder Law Section