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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Sep 9, 2015

Three new or rebranded law firms are announcing their launch in Middle Tennessee.
• Nashville attorneys Bill Lassiter, Bill Farmer, Bill Purcell, Jim White, Jonathan Farmer, John Belcher, Elizabeth Sykes and Curtis Harrington have formed Purcell White & Lassiter PLLC. The firm is located at One Nashville Place, Suite 1820.
• Parks Snyder PLLC, a new firm formed by Houston Parks and Shawn Snyder in Columbia, will specialize in domestic relations and estate planning. Parks most recently served as a senior trust officer and previously practiced in the middle Tennessee region. Snyder has been serving as executive director of The Mediation Center in Columbia. The firm will practice at 813 South Garden Street, Suite 209.
• Williams B. Hawkins III and Miller Hogan are rebranding their firm as Hawkins Hogan PLC and relocating to 205 17th Avenue North, Suite 202, the Nashville Post reports. Hawkins, a founding partner at Jones Hawkins & Farmer PLC, and Hogan, a member at Jones Hawkins & Farmer PLC, have each practiced law in downtown Nashville for more than 15 years.