TBA Law Blog

Posted by: Joycelyn Stevenson on Jan 4, 2019

Pursuant to the notice provided Dec. 19, the Board of Governors held a specially set meeting on Jan. 2 to vote on the proposed changes to the bylaws as published on Nov. 7, 2018. You can read a copy of those proposed, revised bylaws and the original bylaws now. The Board rejected the proposed change to Section 38 related to the term of the TBA Treasurer and voted to leave that section unchanged. All other changes published in the Nov. 7 notice were approved. Pursuant to the bylaw change, the individuals appointed to positions in Districts 7 and 8 shall serve the remainder of the terms to which they were appointed and will not run in 2019 to retain those seats. Thus, only Districts 1 and 4 will be subject to election this year and petitions for these positions are still due no later than Feb. 15, 2019.