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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on Jan 24, 2019
The Tennessee Supreme Court issued an order today allowing the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners to reopen bar exam applications for the February 26-27, 2019, exam to allow applicants who had applied to take the exam in Washington, D.C. to take the exam in Tennessee. Around 900 law graduates had planned to take the D.C. bar exam, which may be canceled because of the federal government shutdown. By reopening the applications for the Tennessee exam, the Supreme Court will extend an opportunity for up to 70 February D.C. exam applicants, many of whom are from Tennessee, to take the exam in Nashville. "Tennessee is in a position to help bar exam applicants adversely affected by the federal government shutdown," said Chief Justice Jeff Bivins. "We are known as the Volunteer State, and the Tennessee Supreme Court and the Board of Law Examiners are ready to step up and do what is needed."