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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on Feb 22, 2019
A new video shows Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Howard Greenlee offering to destroy evidence of a former Knoxville Police Department officer’s crime, Knoxnews reports. When confronted months later, Greenlee claimed he was lying to KPD Lt. James Settlemeyer when he made the offer because he wanted to keep the peace between THP and law enforcement in Knoxville. Greenlee remains on the force, having received a written reprimand for his offer to destroy video evidence against former KPD officer Raiques Crump. The Knox County District Attorney General’s office is now being forced to reveal Greenlee’s offer to destroy evidence in the Crump investigation in all cases in which Greenlee is involved, giving defense attorneys the opportunity to use it to attack Greenlee’s credibility on the witness stand.