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Posted by: Berkley Schwarz on May 6, 2019
The Tennessee General Assembly on Thursday completed the 2019 legislative session and one of its final acts was approval of a $38.5 billion budget that removed several professions from having to pay the professional privilege tax. Attorneys, lobbyists, stockbrokers, some doctors and other professions were not included on that list. The TBA will continue to educate lawmakers on the wide disparities in lawyers’ salaries across the state and help advocate on behalf of the profession on this issue. The budget did include $2.2 million in extra funding for indigent representation, on top of the $10 million already marked for this year. The additional $2.2 million will be recurring, meaning we'll see that money again in the coming years. To get the full lowdown on everything that went on in the 2019 session, make sure to register for the TBA Convention in Nashville, where the legislative affairs team will lead a detailed CLE update.