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Posted by: Lee Holcomb on May 15, 2019
Take a break from stress and your jam-packed day to reacquaint yourself with your food. We all have to eat, so for one week commit to eating slowly and being in the present when you do. It may seem like an insignificant thing to focus on, but it is a habit that you can use to transform your day. Many people feel out of control throughout the day, and frequently this feeling is even more significant when food is involved. As you are eating, focus on slowing down, taking a pause, a breath and observing what you are eating. There are many benefits to eating slowly, including better digestion and not overeating. While you are eating, there are two rules: make sure you take at least 10 minutes for each meal, and you can’t be on the phone, computer or watching TV while you eat. Bon Appetit!