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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Jun 15, 2019
The Tennessee Bar Association unveiled a new look and identity during the 2019 TBA Annual Convention.

“The logo is a small part of a larger technology, website and information systems overhaul at TBA,” outgoing TBA President Jason Pannu said while unveiling the new logo to members at the Lawyers Luncheon.

The new mark itself is made up of three bars, or columns, that dually nod to courthouse structures, while also showing equal representation of West, Middle and East Tennessee. The secondary mark brings in the tri-stars found on the Tennessee flag to further fortify the mission of Tennessee Bar Association as a statewide organization.

The type is angular and modern, allowing for a feeling of relevance and innovation. The deep orange and navy colors create high-visibility and makes TBA stand out in a lively, current way. The new identity for the TBA was developed by Proof, a Nashville-based firm that specializes in rebranding work. It replaces a teal and gold logo featuring Lady Justice that served the TBA for 24 years. Below are examples of the new TBA brand.TBA rebrand