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Posted by: Joycelyn Stevenson on Jul 31, 2019
The TBA Board of Governors will vote on proposed revisions to the organization’s bylaws after a 21-day period for members to review the proposal. The vote is scheduled to take place in late August. One of the revisions creates a category of non-voting, law firm, employer-level membership. Any law firm in which 100% of its Tennessee-based attorneys are members of the TBA will be eligible to become a law firm member of the association under rules established by the Board of Governors. The bylaws change will accommodate future benefits including a new health insurance plan that the TBA would like to offer its members this fall. The future health plan will offer coverage to a variety of employer members including solo practitioners with at least one qualifying W-2 employee. Proposed revisions to the bylaws can be viewed here and include corrections to existing typographical errors in the current bylaws. If you are interested in receiving updates on health insurance coverage through the TBA, please sign up here