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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Aug 22, 2019

Nashville lawyer Leticia Mason loves practicing law so much she was willing to go to two law schools and take two bar exams -- in two countries. That's right -- she was a corporate lawyer in Mexico before moving to Nashville with her husband for his job. She was surprised to learn that her law degree did not mean the same thing in the U.S. So she worked in an immigration law firm as a paralegal. “All those years of law school ... It was very hard for me," she says. "Constantly they would tell me, ‘Stop talking like a lawyer; you’re not a lawyer.’” She got so tired of hearing it that she decided to do whatever she had to do to be a lawyer again. “I don’t want anyone to ever tell me again I’m not a lawyer.” Read Leticia's story in the August installment of Spark!