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Posted by: Kate Prince on Oct 15, 2020

The number of Tennesseans who cannot vote due to a felony conviction has risen since 2016, despite a national trend in the opposite direction, WPLN reports. That data comes from a new report from the Sentencing Project, which found that 5.2 million Americans cannot vote because of a criminal record. Tennessee, which has some of the strictest voter restoration rules in the country, accounts for more than 456,000 of that number. The report found that Tennessee has the highest rate of disenfranchised Latino voters in the country, at over 10%. The state also ranks second for the overall percentage of voting age residents who can’t vote due to a felony conviction, as well as for the percentage of Black voters banned from the polls. In the past four years, an additional 35,000 Tennesseans with felony convictions have lost the right to vote. Meanwhile, just 35 have restored their right to vote.