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Posted by: Kate Prince on Mar 11, 2021

Conservatorships have been a trending topic recently due to the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary, which highlights the pop star’s conservatorship and the movement advocating for its end. However, as Director of the Metro Nashville Office of Conservatorship Management (OCM) Amy Bryant writes in an opinion published by the Tennessean, “Conservatorships in Davidson County do not play out the way they do in the movies.” In the article, Bryant breaks down how conservatorships are handled in Nashville, including the proof needed to establish them and the layer of oversight and protection that the OCM provides those who are subject to conservatorship. Bryant is the 5th District Governor on the TBA’s Board of Governors and the chair of the Public Education Committee. She’s a member of the Elder Law and Estate Planning & Probate sections and a member of the TBA Leadership Law Class of 2019.