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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Mar 15, 2021

NASHVILLE, March 15, 2021 -- What does it mean to be an adult in Tennessee? From the right to vote to entering into a lease for that first apartment to serving on a jury, young people are faced with a world of new rights, responsibilities and obligations when they turn 18. To help them navigate this new world, the Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) is today launching #JustAdultingTN, a new online resource packed with information on everything from marriage and paternity issues to drinking laws and social media responsibility.

"Becoming an adult is hard and there are so many decisions to make," Terica Smith, the president of the TBA's Young Lawyers Division (YLD), said. "My goal was to create an informative tool that would empower young adults to make good decisions as they transition into adulthood. We hope #JustAdultingTN does that."

Volunteers in the Young Lawyers Division have spent much of the past year gathering resources for the website and working with web developers to present the information in a direct and easy-to-navigate format. The TBA's Public Education Committee will also be involved in keeping the information up-to-date in coming years.

To spread the word about this new resource, the YLD is working with high school students who participated in the recent Tennessee High School Mock Trial competition -- also sponsored by the TBA's YLD -- to make sure their fellow students across the state are aware of #JustAdultingTN. That effort will include a social media competition. 

Information on the site ranges from broad, general principles, such as, "At 18, you can buy a car, take charge of your finances, males must register for the military, enter into legal contracts and vote -- all without parental consent or assistance;" to more specific questions, such as, "What happens if I am stopped for driving while impaired and I am under 21?"

The website is now live at https://justadultingtn.com/

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