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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Apr 7, 2021

For years, then NYU School of Law Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Arthur Fama offered regular yoga sessions for law students, believing it would make them better lawyers. In an article written for NYU News, Fama, who is now a mindfulness instructor, says that yoga offers five benefits for lawyers: (1) yoga helps develop the skill of listening mindfully, staying in the moment and staying focused; (2) yoga creates a balance between the different sides of the brain, allowing practioners to engage the analytical side with creative openness; (3) yoga helps develop sensitivities that are needed to understand clients, including discerning what clients really are saying and what they really need; (4) yoga slows everything down, a good habit to practice to create the space needed to properly assess problems; and (5) yoga helps filter out thoughts that don’t need attention, helping to develop the skill of being aware of thoughts without becoming preoccupied by them.