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Posted by: Joycelyn Stevenson & Kate Prince on May 4, 2021

After detailed analysis of the current real estate market and the short and long-term needs of the Tennessee Bar Association, the TBA Board of Governors and trustees of the Tennessee Legal Community Foundation (TLCF) have decided to market the Tennessee Bar Center in downtown Nashville and look for short term office space while determining long term needs. The TLCF, which owns the Bar Center, created a committee in 2019 to study the space, occupied since 2000 by the TBA and other tenants. Former TBA President Lucian Pera chaired the committee, which worked with Colliers and TBA staff to determine if the TLCF should invest in renovating the office space at 221 4th Avenue North or put the building on the market. Any questions about the building should be directed to TBA Executive Director Joycelyn Stevenson or Mike Driscoll at Colliers.