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Posted by: Journal News on Jan 28, 2009

Journal Issue Date: Jan 2009

In 2007, The TBA formed a Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Diversity to propose long-term recommendations for enhancing the diversity of Tennessee's legal community. Over the course of the next year, the task force studied recruitment, development and mentoring of racial and ethnic minorities in our state's legal and judicial offices. After the task force completed its report and recommendations in the spring of 2008, the TBA created its newest standing committee, the Tennessee Bar Association Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity (TBA-CRED) to put the Task Force's recommendations into action.

TBA-CRED is still in its organizational stages, but has ambitious plans for 2009 and beyond, which include:

  • A presentation at the upcoming Law Firm Practice Management Conference in April, 2009.
  • A long-range plan that will prioritize TBA-CRED goals.
  • A "brown bag" luncheon at the state's law schools on judicial clerkship opportunities.
  • An inaugural event at the 2009 Annual Meeting.

TBA-CRED welcomes members with a passion for making the TBA's goal of greater diversity a reality. If you are interested in joining TBA-CRED, please contact Paz Haynes at whaynes@bonelaw.com or Lynn Pointer at lpointer@tnbar.org.
" Paz Haynes, Chair, TBA Committee on Racial & Ethnic Diversity