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Posted by: BPR Reports on Jul 24, 2009

Journal Issue Date: Aug 2009

Journal Name: August 2009 - Vol. 45, No. 8


The following attorneys have been reinstated to the practice of law after complying with Supreme Court Rule 21, which requires mandatory continuing legal education: Charles Philip Carter, Knoxville, and Jennifer Rene Rich Mueller, Nashville.

On June 15, the Supreme Court lifted a suspension for noncompliance with continuing legal education requirements that had been in effect since 2000 against Knoxville lawyer Charles Philip Carter. However, Carter remains suspended for failure to respond to a complaint of ethical misconduct. That suspension was imposed on March 30.


On June 8, La Follette attorney J. Stephen Hurst received a public censure from the Board of Professional Responsibility for behavior exhibited to a Department of Children's Services employee in court. Hurst was representing parents whose children had been removed by DCS and as he walked by a DCS employee seated on the front row of the courtroom, he stepped on the employee's toe, pointed his finger in his face and said something to the effect of, "I've got your number." When the DCS employee stood up, Hurst assaulted the man by bumping and pushing him with his stomach and spitting in his face. Bailiffs escorted Hurst out of the courtroom, and, as he was leaving, Hurst called the employee a foul name. The board determined that his actions violated Rules of Professional Conduct 4.4(a) and 8.4(d).

On June 22, Springfield lawyer Fletcher W. Long received a public censure from the Tennessee Supreme Court for neglecting client matters and failing to communicate with clients in a satisfactory manner. Long submitted a conditional guilty plea and accepted the censure. The court determined that his actions violated Rules of Professional Conduct 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 3.2 and 8.4(a) and (d), and Disciplinary Rules 1-102(A)(5) and 7-101(A)(1). In addition to imposing the censure, the court ordered Long to pay the costs of the disciplinary proceeding.


On June 22, Nashville attorney Helen L. Cornell was suspended for six months by order of the Tennessee Supreme Court, effective July 2. The court determined that Cornell misrepresented herself to a party whom she later added as a defendant in a lawsuit and sought information without revealing the purpose of her communication. Cornell submitted a conditional guilty plea and agreed to the suspension. The court determined that her actions Rules of Professional Conduct 4.1 and 8.4.

Summary Suspension for Failure to Pay Annual Fee

The license to practice law in this state of each of the following attorneys is summarily suspended for failure to pay the 2009 annual fee and/or fees for prior years as required by Rule 9, Section 20. Attorneys who paid the fee by press time have been noted as reinstated.

Alamo: Michael Brandon Barber. Brentwood: William Frederick Buechler Jr. (reinstated), Jonathan Evan Gower, Brian Jonathan Kirkell. Chattanooga: John Cris Helton (reinstated), Michael Gregory Williams. Clarksville: John Broadbent Cundiff. Cleveland: Gerald Webb Jr. Hendersonville: William Pardue Jones. Franklin: Jonathan Jackson Pledger, Timothy James Wall. Jacksboro: Mark Keith Goins. Jackson: Lisa June Cox (reinstated). Johnson City: Vance W. Cheek Jr. (reinstated). Knoxville: Anne Bowles Ferrell, M. Josiah Hoover III (reinstated), Thomas Alan Snapp (reinstated), Mona Jean Wilson. Maryville: Michael Howard Meares (reinstated). Memphis: Frank Guthrie Castle Jr., John Andre Chiapella (reinstated), Roger Edmonds Fakes Jr., Diane Schratz Holitik, James H. Kee, Kent Meyer Lashley, William Adelbert Ling III, William Clary Lunsford, Eugene Daniel Lyne, Oscar Lee Malone III, Arthur Barlow Mann, Chandell Wyntrece Ryan (reinstated), Daniel Chain Shumake (reinstated), James Robert Smoot, Jerry Wells Vaughan Jr., Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough. Murfreesboro: Carl Richard Moore (reinstated). Nashville: Timothy J. Babb, Joseph Edward Beecham, Wendell Cornelius Dawson (reinstated), William Brooks Drescher, Monica Alfi Ghattas, Amy Lynn Gibson, William Caldwell Hancock, Lawrence Warner Lepley Jr., Byron Ray Simpson. Old Hickory: Michael Perry Davis. Sparta: Geneth Kay Wolfer. Waynesboro: John Wilburn Castleman Jr. White Pine: Hugh Parmenas Taylor (reinstated).

Out of State
Alabama: Michelle DeLaine Mauldin, Jennifer Jean Rosenbaum (reinstated). California: Dennis Charles Carter, Ben Franklin Pierce Gore. District of Columbia: Michael E. Tucci. Florida: Clifford Todd Chapman, James Richard Cooney (reinstated), Joseph A. Giampapa, Adam John Ouellette, Richard Scott Pietrowski, Richard Lee Windsor. Georgia: Theodore Augustus Erck, Frank Philips Harris, John Watkins Lovett. Kentucky: Christine Lea Durrett, Martha Marie Eastman, John Hundley, Crystal Dawn Love, Thomas Stuart McCloy. Mississippi: James Richard Carr, Jessica Dawn Carr, John Marshall Lusk Jr., Clay Spencer Nails. Nebraska: Jack Louis Mayfield. Nevada: Le'Dell Sanders Joiner. New Mexico: Delores Charlotte Korb. New York: John Trent Dixon, Robert Oliver Link Jr. North Carolina: Ruby Kaur Dhaliwal, Joseph Randall Martin, Keltie Hays Peay. Pennsylvania: Sharon Bauer Berman, Mark Thomas Wade. Virginia: Roger Dean Brooks, Robert Jay Wittmer West Virginia: Kenneth Wilbert Kromer Jr.