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Posted by: Tba Administrator on Oct 27, 2010

Journal Issue Date: Oct 2010

Journal Name: November 2010 - Vol. 46, No. 11

Part of the Process to Revise the Rules

Before revising and approving the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Tennessee Supreme Court heard argument on June 1 for more than four hours on the 15 issues that it had outlined for discussion as the court considered adoption of the revisions proposed by the Tennessee Bar Association. Arguing for the TBA were TBA President Gail Vaughn Ashworth; TBA Ethics & Professional Responsibility Committee Chair Brian Faughnan; former TBA President and committee member Al Harvey; former committee chair Lucian Pera; committee member David Wade; TBA General Counsel Bill Harbison; former TBA President and committee member Paul Campbell III; committee member Tom Dillard of Knoxville; and Vanderbilt University Law School professor and committee member Sue Kay. John Gill, committee member and special counsel to the Knoxville District Attorney's Office, argued on behalf of the joint recommendation of both groups.

The argument focused on a wide range of issues including confidentiality, conflicts, withdrawal, sale of a law practice, client file materials and solicitation. Also appearing were James Vick representing the Board of Professional Responsibility, Scott Brown for the Christian Legal Society and Gerald Melton for the Public Defenders Conference.