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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Jul 14, 2011

New senior counselors named at TBA convention in Chattanooga

NASHVILLE, July 14, 2011 — Fifty-one attorneys from around the state were honored as "senior counselors" for their service to the legal profession during the Tennessee Bar Association's annual convention in Chattanooga. Senior counselors are those Tennessee Bar Association members who, during the coming membership year, will reach 75 years of age or complete 50 years of practice.

This year's class of senior counselors are:

William T. Alt, Chattanooga
Samuel R. Anderson, Chattanooga
Haywood C. Barry, Lebanon
Fred W. Beesley, Nashville
Jacky O. Bellar, Carthage
Richard B. Benton, Calhoun, Ga.
William H. Bryson, Woodbury
Leon C. Burns, Cookeville
Jack A. Butler, Nashville
Thomas I. Carlton, Nashville
David E. Caywood, Memphis
Clyde D. Cluck, Dickson
Sam F. Cole Jr., Memphis
Hayes Cooney, Nashville
Bethany K. Dumas, Knoxville
James E. Franklin Jr., Memphis
Vance H. Fry, Harrison
Charles J. Gearhiser, Chattanooga
Monroe W. Gibbs, Memphis
John E. Gillmor, Nashville
Sidney W. Gilreath, Knoxville
H. Wayne Grant, Chattanooga
Marvin G. Gregory, Nashville
Joe D. Guerriero, Monroe, La.
Paul K. Harrell, Nashville
John H. Harris Jr., Memphis
David B. Herbert, Nashville
Ronald G. Ingham, Chattanooga
Kenneth M. Jackson, Nashville
William L. Jenkins, Rogersville
Robert T. Keeton Jr., Huntingdon
Robert W. Knolton, Oak Ridge
Donelson M. Leake, Knoxville
Jackson F. Manhein, Jackson
George T. McPherson, Germantown
J. Cecil McWhirter, Collierville
Hugh W. Morgan, Knoxville
Fred L. Myers Jr., Newport
Charles F. Newman, Memphis
William L. Nichol, Memphis
George S. Petkoff, Memphis
William W. Petty, Knoxville
Ira D. Pruitt, Livingston, Ala.
Woodfin E. Rogers, Hopkinsville, Ky.
Robert E. Royal, Memphis
Jerald H. Sklar, Memphis
Don C. Stansberry, Huntsville
Glenn C. Stophel, Chattanooga
James C. Warner, Memphis
Joseph C. Wilson III, Chattanooga
James L. Woodard, Franklin

For photographs or additional biographical information on any these individuals, please contact the TBA at (615) 383-7421.