Scaling Small Law

Business Education for the Entrepreneurial Lawyer

This 4-month long program is designed for entrepreneurial lawyers, solo practitioners or newly formed solo/small firms looking to strategically and sustainably scale and modernize their law practice. This comprehensive business education and development program contains distinct units of study including business planning, marketing, solo/small firm finance and budgeting, client service and experience, ethical considerations and outsourcing and leveraging technology.

Participants will have weekly assignments or activities that could include self-guided work, roundtables with experts, small group activities and discussions or video training courses. Participants will commit their time and complete weekly assignments from mid-August to mid-December. Participants should be prepared to set aside 2-3 hours each week throughout the duration of the program in order to complete the assigned tasks. By the end of the program, we hope participants walk away with a strategic plan, access to tools and resources and the ability to leverage technology in order to enhance their lawyer life. See agenda for dates and activities.


  • Agenda

    Agenda with confirmed dates and outline of assignments and activities. 

  • Dispute Resolution


    Contact information for TBA staff for questions and program participants. 

  • Law Office


    Not sure what this will be or if we need it. 

  • Virtual Meet-Up

    Access available for virtual meeting space for all participants and by division.