Posted by: Letters of the Law on Nov 1, 2020

Journal Issue Date: Nov/Dec 2020

Journal Name: Vol. 56 No. 9

Pages Worth Framing

I have been member of the TBA since 1977. I am old. I am a devoted fan of the Tennessee Bar Journal.

In the September/October edition, on the last page, you have a picture of Health Care professionals and the great quote from John Wayne, “Courage is being scared to death…. but saddling up anyway.”

 Our (me and my wife of 50 years) daughter, Dr. Kimberly Holland, is director of nursing for the Jackson Clinic, the largest multi-specialty clinic in West Tennessee. 

She and her staff have been through a lot and have answered the “bell” in serving the public in face of the pandemic.

 I want to frame the picture and present it to her and her nurses and doctors at the Clinic to honor them. … I guess I would need to credit the Tennessee Bar Journal and “Spark,” the dog in the top corner.

—William H. Shackelford Jr., Jackson

Editor’s Note: The photo was purchased from iStock Photography; your framing the page is a great idea. We’re so glad you liked it. Please give our sincere thanks to your daughter and her staff for being there for so many of us during this terrible health crisis this year.

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The following letter was written to David L. Hudson Jr., about his article, “Thurgood Marshall in Tennessee: His Defense of Accused Rioters, His Near-Miss with a Lynch Mob,” which was published in our September/October issue.

I’ve read many accounts of the Columbia Race Riot. I recently read with great interest and appreciation your account in the recent TBJ. As a mayor and as a lawyer who practices in the same courtroom as the final two trials, I appreciated your story and perspective.

I’d love to find a way to get the article framed with the magazine cover, etc., and place prominently in the courthouse. Perhaps we can work on that.

Question: The photo of the ‘Defendants and NAACP’ which appeared on p. 19 of the Journal, where did you find that? I would love to have a copy. I would love for Thurgood Marshall to have been in it, but I suspect it was when he was back home…? But, nonetheless, it is a great picture I had never seen before. Many thanks. 

— Chaz Molder, Mayor, Columbia

Editor’s Note: The photo Mayor Molder referenced is available and was purchased on

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Bring Back Haltom!

I read with interest your articles in this months’ issue (it is plural because it’s for two months) and I do have a comment.

First off, I appreciate the free subscription to the Journal as a Senior Counselor. The Board very graciously granted me this status 10 years ago and I thank [former TBA Executive Director] Allan Ramsaur for this. Secondly, if you really want to add a tremendous feature and some real zip to the Journal, I a have a suggestion.

One of the saddest issues of the Journal was when Bill Haltom announced the end of his articles. Up until then, the first thing I went to when I received my Journal was to check out the Discipline section, to see who was in trouble, then to the “But Seriously, Folks!” column by Bill. If my recollection of Bill’s announcement is correct (and I don’t put much faith that it is), Bill had been writing for the Journal for 20+ years.

The foregoing means you have 20+ years of Bill’s articles in your records. All you have to do is … reprint one of those articles, beginning with the first, one an issue for the next 20+ years. I will guarantee your subscriptions would increase 10-fold and I would even be willing to pay for mine.

Please, please if there is any way possible for the Journal to repeat articles of Bill Haltom, do so. They are true treasures.

—Bob Dozier, Brentwood


Editor’s note: We love Bill’s columns, too, Mr. Dozier, and it was indeed a sad day when he retired his column. He wrote 261 columns for the Journal, over a span of 25 years!

Fortunately, they are available online for members to read anytime. They can be accessed here or by going to > Communications > Tennessee Bar Journal > Journal Archive (on lower right side). Start with his “Closing Argument” here: