Posted by: Elizabeth Todaro on Mar 1, 2021

Journal Issue Date: March/April 2021

Journal Name: Vol 57 No. 2

Tennessee Justice Center’s Support for P-EBT

Tennessee Justice Center (TJC) has maintained a largely consistent client population, but it has had a tremendous increase in clients experiencing food insecurity. In response to this critical need, TJC began providing information and support for the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) Program, in collaboration with other state advocates. P-EBT, part of the federal relief efforts, is intended to help children who receive free or reduced-price lunch in school, but who could not receive school meals because of school closures. This program has been a lifeline for thousands of families dealing with food insecurity. TJC has helped at least 750 children in obtaining their P-EBT benefits or providing related information. They have also communicated information about P-EBT via the TJC website and social media.