Kathryn Reed Edge

184 Drury Lane
Austin, TX 78737

Office Address Phone: (615) 714-0827
Law School: Nashville School of Law
Earliest License Date: 01/01/1983
Areas of Interest: Business Law
Others Areas: Bank regulatory and corporate law

Katie Edge primarily concentrates her practice on regulated financial institutions, including commercial and savings banks, bank holding companies, mortgage companies, trust companies, and other financial institutions. During her private practice career, she has assisted in the formation of more than 25 new banks, savings banks and trust companies, but in these challenging economic times, she has focused her efforts on advising financial institutions on supervisory issues, advocating for companies with their state and federal regulatory agencies. She also represents clients in mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and other reorganizations. She regularly advises banking companies on strategic and capital planning. Known in the Tennessee banking community as the Bank Lady" Edge is the former general counsel and former deputy commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions. Prior to law school, Edge taught English, theatre and journalism in public and private secondary schools in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.


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