TNBAR Management Services gratefully acknowledges:

The Georgia State Bar LOMAP Program
Terri Olsen
(former) LOMAP Director

for the use of their Setting Up Practice materials; and, specifically, the following forms:

Prospective Client Interview
Cover Letter to Client

The Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund


Barbara S. Fishleder
Director of Loss Prevention
Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund

for the use of the following forms:

Checklist for Opening a Law Office
New Client Information Sheet
Request for Conflict Search and System Entry
Types of Names To Be Added to Conflict List
The Engagement/Non-engagement Sample Letters
Client Service Questionnaire
File Closing Checklist

The above material is written, published, and copyrighted by the Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund in 1999. All rights reserved except Tennessee Bar Association members may use this material for assistance with their own law practice or to help another attorney in setting up his or her practice.

The Law Practice Management Section Publications
American Bar Association

for the following resources:

The Lawyer’s Desk Guide to Preventing Legal Malpractice
(American Bar Association Standing Committee on Lawyer’s Professional Liability)

Practical Systems - Tips for Organizing Your Law Office