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When the Defendant Is a Victim

New Court Offers Hope to Victims of Sex Trafficking

She wants help.
    She’s a heroin addict.
        She’s motivated.
            She’s expecting a grandbaby.

These phrases are tossed around a Nashville judicial library as a carefully crafted group decides if a woman picked up for prostitution is eligible for the innovative program instead of going to prison.

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Eight Do’s and Don’ts in the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Below, in no particular order, are a few key pointers for counsel and self-represented parties, after approximately eighteen months’ experience in the new Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims.

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Significant Appeals Board Opinions: 2014-2015

Virtually every opinion bears some new nugget of law, and therefore practitioners should read and familiarize themselves with all of them. Looking back, however, these are some of the weightiest and most frequently cited.

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The New Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims

A Primer

On July 1, 2014, the Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims was born. About a month later, the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board opened its doors. Our courts were part of a historic change in the law: Tennessee joined 48 other states in their approach to workers’ compensation claims. Going forward, state trial courts with general jurisdiction would no longer decide workers’ compensation cases, but rather, specialized courts devoted exclusively to workers’ compensation would resolve them.

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50th Birthday: What’s in a Name?

Repeat after me: Tennessee Bar Journal. Tennessee Bar Journal. TENNESSEE BAR JOURNAL. Is this hard? Does it sound anything at all like “TBA Journal?” (Okay, yes it kind of does, but we’re going to ask you nicely to try to call this magazine by its God-given, correct name.)[1] Before that, there was Tennessee Lawyer, an eight-page newsletter that the Tennessee Bar Association published from 1952 to 1985. In its January 1965 issue some big news was reported:

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Full Court Press

With Justice — now Dean — Gary Wade on our cover this month, it seemed like a good time to add up all the times the Tennessee Bar Journal has connected to its judicial roots by reporting on the moves of the members of our Supreme Court. The Journal started out with Tennessee’s Supreme Court Justice Hamilton S. Burnett giving it his congratulations in 1965 and has included much news of the court for 50 years, as new justices have joined and left it.

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Design Patent Damages Awards Under 'Apple v. Samsung'

On May 18, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued its opinion[1] in Apple v. Samsung, which affirmed that Samsung infringed upon Apple’s design and utility patents, upholding a damages award of over half a billion dollars.[2] The design patents at issue were the design of the iPhone’s front facing, including its rounded edges and those features extending to the phone’s bezel, as well as the “ornamental design for [the iPhone’s] … display screen,” all of which the court determined Samsung’s products infringed.[3]

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