November 2017 - Vol. 53, No. 11

A Failed Market?

There’s a large and growing gap between the existing legal needs of ordinary Americans — not just the poor — and the ability of the legal profession to meet those needs.

As a profession that sees self-regulation as a core value, what responsibility do we have to address this fundamental problem? More importantly, what can be done?

I put those pressing questions to an audience at the amazing Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services’ 40th Annual Equal Justice University, the annual gathering of Tennessee’s access-to-justice community.

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Guilty Minds

Is it possible to be convicted of a criminal offense without meaning to do something wrong? It is.

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Oral Argument

Where the Wheels Can Fall Off an Appeal

“There is no place to hide when one stands at the lectern before the judges; it truly is a lonely spot.”[1]

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