What Do You Do for Fun?

You’re killing it in your job and loving (or hating) the high stakes you are faced with each day, but a lot of research says you will be better off if, when you leave the office, you do something straight-up enjoyable. “It may seem counterintuitive that if you want to get ahead at work, you should make time for a life outside of it,” according CNBC. “But career coaches and business leaders alike say that having a hobby is key to being able to handle work-life stress and thinking creatively.”1 Study after study says these nonwork, fun activities can aid work performance, improve physical and mental health, reduce stress, improve focus and increase happiness.

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Navigating Parental Leave

“As more companies offer their employees attractive leave benefits, law firms are following suit by offering their attorneys robust parental leave benefits,” Ogletree Deakins notes in a recent newsletter.1 Promoting a work-life balance, including flexible hours and leave, is key as a new generation ascends, requiring and expecting this culture of balance. Here is one person’s story:

Debbie Zimmerle Boudreaux, 33, has been a lawyer since 2011 and a mother since 2014. Her son Jack was born during her third year of practice, and daughter Mary came along 15 months later in November 2016. Daughter Lucy was born last October.

Boudreaux works in Lewisburg at the Law Office of David McKenzie, a small firm with offices located in Lewisburg and Fayetteville, providing services to clients including personal injury, criminal defense and general civil litigation. She focuses primarily on family law matters. Her husband Ross is also an attorney.

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SPARK! The Advantages of Aging & Retirement

An Interview with Landis Turner

As Tennessee Bar Association president in 1988-89, Landis Turner of Hohenwald oversaw a legislative effort that resulted in public defenders' offices opening in every major city in the state. Now, at 78, he talks about that, but covers some surprising topics, too, admitting that “one of the advantages of aging and retirement is one’s ability and time to remember such things and write them down.”

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SPARK: Where Do You Find Inspiration?

This month we introduce a new feature, back here on the last page. After 25 years of reading Bill Haltom’s column on this page every month, there will be a big space to fill — we know you will need something fun to raise your spirits, to inspire you in your work. So we offer you “SPARK,” a rollicking page of random, light-hearted, law-related ideas and thoughts, with perhaps a spark of inspiration.

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