Medical-Legal Partnership Working Group

Background and Resources

The Medical-Legal Partnership Working Group (“MLP Working Group”) was formed in 2014 as part of TBA President Jonathan Steen’s initiative to focus on these unique programs and to consider how the TBA might support their development, growth and sustainability.

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Military Legal Assistance Campaign

The Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) has joined a nationwide effort to increase the number of lawyers committed to providing needed legal support to servicemembers, veterans and their families. Organized by Army OneSource, the Military Legal Assistance Campaign is focused on identifying and training volunteers who can assist families while a servicemember is deployed, and help servicemembers when they return from service. Through the Access to Justice Committee, the TBA is recruiting lawyers to provide assistance to Tennessee servicemembers, veterans and their families. Learn more here.

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Hometown Support

Hometown Support is a program that makes free legal help available to service members and their families with limited income who are facing legal problems in Tennessee. The program is coordinated by legal services offices across the state. Learn more here.

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TBA Access to Justice Annual Work Plan (2011-2012)

The Access to Justice Committee met for its annual spring planning retreat in April 2011. At that retreat the Committee reaffirmed its shared vision for its future work, its purpose, and its function within the bar. The Committee decided its mission statement, adopted in 2003, should again be included in its 2011-2012 Annual Work Plan. 

The Mission of the TBA Access to Justice (ATJ) Committee is to:

Advance the cause of equal access to justice for all Tennesseans.

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I Want to Do Pro Bono

There are many opportunities for attorneys to volunteer their time and talents in pro bono work. Below is a listing of agencies and organizations across Tennessee that actively use pro bono attorneys to help provide legal services for those in need.

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Tennessee Law Firms Adopt Pro Bono Policies

The Tennessee Bar Association and the Tennessee Supreme Court are encouraging law firms across the state to adopt formal pro bono policies that encourages lawyers at their firms to do pro bono work. This is especially important at a time when the state has more than 1 million citizens living at or below the Legal Services eligibility threshold and only 79 attorneys working to provide them access to justice.

The TBA has model law firm pro bono policies available to assist your firm.

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Model Firm Pro Bono Policies

The TBA Access to Justice Committee has collected a number of sample pro bono policies and developed a model policy that reflects the elements possible for a number of different types of pro bono policies. This model policy, as developed by the Access to Justice Committee and approved by the TBA Board of Governors, is set out below, as are a number of the policies the Committee looked at in developing its model policy.

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The Tennessee Bar Association’s Pro Bono Strategy

I. Vision

A. Full Pro Bono Participation by the Private Bar

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