Attorney Well Being Committee

This Committee works to enhance the understanding of issues associated with attorney well being through education and other awareness activities. The Committee also explores programs, accumulates data and provides analysis to enhance attorney well being.

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Immediate Past Chair
Tennessee Dept of Treasury
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Lawyer Shares Experience Returning to Work After Having Kids

Nashville lawyer Amy Willoughby Bryant authored an essay in the November issue of Nashville Parent magazine, where she writes about her decision to go back to work after the birth of her children. "I was not my best self when staying home with two children under the age of two," she writes. "Working feeds me mentally, emotionally and physically." Bryant is director of the Office of Conservatorship Management for the Metro Nashville government, and serves as chair of the TBA Public Education Committee. Read her story here (scroll to page 78).

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Take a Mental Vacation: Final 2 Suggestions

The last two ways to take a mental vacation, according to Sally Connolly, a therapist at the Couples Clinic of Louisville, is listening to relaxing music and taking a walk. For music, there are many options available online through various streaming services and on record or CD. Connolly recommends looking for music that includes the sounds of rolling waves, gentle rain or chirping birds. Closing your eyes and doing some deep breathing while listening will enhance the experience. Ready to get outside? A short walk in the morning or during a lunch break is also a great way to relieve stress. When possible, walk along a trail or in a peaceful place for even more relaxing moments. Connolly's final advice: try to incorporate one of the six mental vacations she suggests every day to train your body to relax and reduce stress.

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