Legal-Medical Relations Committee

This Committee reviews complaints that are forwarded to TBA by the Board of Professional Responsibility pursuant to the Medical-Legal Code of Cooperation and its grievance procedure.

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Attorney Says Vanderbilt Medical Center at Fault in Case of Reckless Homicide

An attorney for nurse RaDonda Vaught, charged with reckless homicide after a medication error killed an elderly patient at the hospital two years ago, said that Vanderbilt University Medical Center “bears a large part of the fault," The Tennessean reports. Vaught has admitted she made an error, but her prosecution has infuriated many in the nursing community who believe she is being punished for an honest mistake. Attorney Peter Strianse also partly blamed the death on electronic medication dispensing cabinets that are used at Vanderbilt and common at most hospitals.
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Doctors Nationwide are Suing Patients Who Post Negative Reviews Online

A nationwide trend is emerging among doctors and hospitals, who are increasingly taking patients to court for posting negative comments and reviews on social media, USA Today reports. Recent cases include a Cleveland, Ohio-based physician, who is suing a former patient for defamation after she posted negative reviews about her nose job, an Arizona medical practice that successfully sued a singer who used her own website to criticize her doctors and a Michigan hospital that sued an elderly patient’s daughters and granddaughter over a Facebook post.
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