Special Committee on Conservatorship Practice and Procedure

This special committee was created in 2012 by TBA President Jackie Dixon to study Conservatorship Practice and Procedure in Tennessee.

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State Courts Call for Guardianship Reform

The Conference of Chief Justices and the Conference of State Court Administrators Joint Committee on Elders and the Courts recently adopted a strategic action plan calling for modernization of and greater transparency in the guardianship/conservatorship process and improved state court oversight. The Adult Guardianship Initiative prioritizes the protection and enhancement of individual rights and calls for federal implementation of a Guardianship Court Improvement Program to spur nationwide reform.

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Legal Aid Releases Public Guide to Conservatorships

Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands has released a new free brochure on conservatorship in Tennessee, the Leaf Chronicle reports. It provides information to family members, caregivers and friends who may want to help someone by becoming their conservator, as well as to those who need or already have a conservator making their decisions. For both groups, the booklet outlines basic information such as what a conservatorship is, the types of conservatorships available, the legal requirements to become a conservator, how to apply for a conservator to be appointed and how to end a conservatorship. Download a copy or pick up hard copies from your local legal aid office.

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