Professor Launches Index of Top Tech Terms

Michigan State University law professor, Daniel W. Linna Jr., has launched Legal Services Innovation Index, a new site that tracks the frequency of tech terms on law firm website. Read more at the ABA Journal here.

Legal Chatbot, DoNotPay, Announces It Will Cover Nearly 1,000 Areas of Law

DoNotPay is expanding its capabilities and will now cover nearly one thousand additional legal areas, including consumer rights, employment law and landlord-tenant disputes. Check out the full ABA Journal article here. 

Q&A: How Prepaid Legal Services Provider, LegalShield, is Adapting to the Changing Legal Market

Ari Kaplan, senior vice president of regulatory affairs and the chief legal officer of LegalShield, looks at the evolving legal marketplace from a traditional prepaid legal services perspective. Read the ABA Journal article here

Ethics Opinion says Avvo 'marketing fees' Violate Lawyer Conduct Rules

Three New Jersey Supreme Court Committees have issued an ethics opinion claiming the "marketing fee" paid to Avvo violates the ban on lawyer-referral payments and the ban on fee sharing with non lawyers. Read more at the ABA Journal.

Drone Debate Continues After Appeals Court Decision

The Federal Aviation Administration has lost its appeal lawsuit brought by John Taylor after his successful challenge of the FAA's rule requiring hobbyists to register their drones. Read the full article on Associations Now.

ODR: Can Justice Be Served Online?

Executive director of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, Jayne Reardon, discusses her experiences with online dispute resolution for the ABA Journal. 

Resources from the State Bar of Michigan's 21st Century Practice Task Force

The State Bar of Michigan's 21st Century Practice Task Force held its first meeting in April 2015 to study the changing legal landscape. Less than 11 months later, the taks force had identified five problems facing the profession: 1. A Dysfunctional Legal Marketplace 2. Signifitcant Issues for New Lawyers, New Challenges for Experienced Lawyers 3. Inefficient and Overly Complex Legal Processes 4. Regulatory Hurdles 5. Cultural Resistance to Innovation

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Online Dispute Resolution

For further reading on Online DIspute Resolution (ODR), please see the attached articles and the links below. 

Helpful ODR Resources:

The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution:

List of international ODR providers:

Mediator Academy:

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