Special Committee on the Future Practice of Law

This Special Committee has been formed to research the evolving legal marketplace and how new technology and innovations are shaping the practice of law.

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Summit on Law and Innovation Planned for July 20 at Vanderbilt

The second annual Summit on Law and Innovation will be held on July 20 at Vanderbilt Law School. The annual summit brings together people who are passionate about innovating across the legal spectrum to make law better. This year’s theme is “#failurecamp,” examining how failure is inherent to the innovation process. The cost is $50 for a full day of workshops and conference sessions.
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Facial Recognition Scanning on the Rise Amid Concerns for Privacy, Accuracy

A new piece in the ABA Journal examines the rise of facial recognition software and addresses the reality that it’s likely here to stay. Prominent examples include the use of facial recognition at Taylor Swift concerts to spot known stalkers of the pop star, plans to add such capabilities to customs inspection areas at Tokyo Narita Airport, as well as numerous uses in retail. Despite advances in the technology, privacy and civil rights groups are concerned that it remains prone to error. A 2018 study, for example, showed a 34 percent error rate in identifying darker-skinned women.
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