Opinions of the Attorney General for the State of Tennessee

The Tennessee Attorney General issues written legal opinions to certain state officials upon request. Copies of opinions issued since 2000 are available online at  You may click on the year to view a list of opinions issued during that year.

Report of Real Estate Subcommittee

Prepared for the TBA Special Committee on UPL Enforcement

January 2006

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How to File a UPL Compaint

AG's Office Provides Needed Forms

The Tennessee Attorney General's Office can file civil lawsuits against individuals and companies engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

Some of these cases involve people who are not licensed attorneys but who provide legal advice for a fee and/or attempt to represent clients in court. Other cases involve individuals and companies that prepare legal forms or documents to be used and signed by people representing themselves in legal matters.

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Sample Protocol for Handling UPL Complaints

Resource for Local Bar Association UPL Committees

The TBA Standing Committee on the Protection of the Public from the Unauthorized Practice of Law has developed this sample protocol for use by local bar associations handling complaints about individuals and businesses endangering Tennessee consumers through the unauthorized practice of law.

The Committee developed the sample protocol after surveying local bar associations around Tennessee and discovering that many do not have formal policies in place for handling UPL complaints.

1) Receive written complaint

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