City of Jackson Passes Mandatory Spay, Neuter Ordinance

The city of Jackson just passed an ordinance requiring owners with pets over six-months-old to have the animal spayed or neutered, the Jackson Sun reports. The move comes as a recommendation by a special task force created by the city to address animal overpopulation and money problems of the Jackson-Madison County Humane Society — which the municipality assumed control of in 2017 and renamed the City of Jackson Animal Care — after complaints regarding the mistreatment of animals. Some organizations panned the ordinance, saying that it does not address the root of the issue and that efforts would be better focused on providing better accessibility of services and low-cost spay-neuter options. The city initially earmarked $240,000 for the new animal care center; however, city council estimates now say the actual cost will be about $1.3 million.

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