Legislation Affecting Construction Law Practice

As the legislative session progresses, many bills of interest to construction law practitioners are on the move. Here is a list of notable legislation that has the potential to affect your practice area:
Requires the register of deeds to send written notice to the property owner prior to recording a lien.
Removes various provisions regarding state property tax, including authority to place liens and issue distress warrants.
Payment rights of contractors and subcontractors. Prohibits a written contract to have a condition precedent for payment clause where the prime contractor is not required to pay the remote contractor due to contract or until they are paid by the construction owner. Declares that if payment is not received, work by contractor can be suspended until received. Makes other revisions relative to the payment rights of contractors and subcontractors. 
Requires baby changing station in new buildings. Adds at least one baby diaper changing station that is accessible to both men and women for new public bathrooms in any public building that is owned or operated by a public entity. Requires baby diaper changing station have signage and be maintained. The station is not required if the inspector finds installation not feasible or interrupting building standards for persons with disability.
Requires home improvement contractors initially licensed after January 1, 2009 to complete eight hours of continuing education beginning January 1, 2020, with membership in a professional trade association qualifying as four hours biennially.
Requires electrical inspectors employed by a local or state government to be certified by the state fire marshal and for this certification to be completed every three years. Declares that certain electrical inspectors contracted under the commissioner of commerce and insurance to be certified on and after January 1, 2020.

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