7 Common Bankruptcy Questions and Answers for the Non-Bankruptcy Lawyer (Online)

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CLE Programming
Monday, June 4, 2012 - 12:00pm

Regardless of your practice area lawyers get asked all kinds of legal questions. In the current economic climate, it has become increasingly common for practitioners to field questions related to a client’s insolvency. This presentation will cover some of the most common insolvency and bankruptcy questions that keep businesses and high-income individuals awake at night.

Specifically, the following questions will be addressed:
a. What is the best way to convince a lender to modify a loan?
b. What can my business and its guarantors do to avoid bankruptcy? 
c. What is the difference between, and the practical effect of, the various bankruptcy chapters?
d. Which assets can be retained?
e. Can you list some of the good and bad reasons to file for bankruptcy?
f. Is there financial planning that should be done to prepare for bankruptcy? How much does bankruptcy cost?
g.How will operations and future revenues be affected by a bankruptcy filing?

The answers to these questions will significantly impact your client’s future. Having these answers show your broad legal knowledge and help you decide whether to handle certain issues or refer the issues to an experienced bankruptcy counsel.