Why Advertise with the Tennessee Bar Association?

Advertising opportunities are available with several of the Tennessee Bar Association's electronic and print publications, including our flagship Tennessee Bar Journal. Below is information about our publications. Download our 2020 Marketing Guide or contact us at advertising@tnbar.org or 615-383-7421 for more details or to place an ad. Interested in sponsoring a program or event? Check out those opportunities.

Tennessee Bar Journal

Reach an Attractive Market 
When you advertise in the Tennessee Bar Journal, you reach a select group of high-income professionals who value the publication’s use and accessibility.

This is a magazine that arrives monthly into the offices of many of the state’s top legal professionals — and remains there as a resource that is used over and over again. For advertisers, this is a home run — a publication that is well received and well used by an attractive audience. Here’s what the Journal can provide to you as an advertiser:

  • A market with spending power. Nearly half of Journal readers have an income above $100,000, with 12 percent earning over $200,000.
  • A market centered in Tennessee cities. Most of the Journal’s readers (63%) work in the state’s urban areas, while another 29% are in rural areas. The largest concentration of these readers are in Nashville (26% of the total circulation), but there are also substantial numbers in Memphis (16%), Knoxville (12%) and Chattanooga (9%).
  • A market that is diverse. The Journal reaches Tennessee lawyers early in their practice and those well established. The majority of Journal readers are between 35 and 55 years old (57%), with those 35 or younger making up 17%. Most of these readers are men, but like the legal profession, the number of women is growing. At present men make up 76% of the circulation.
  • A market that appreciates and uses the Tennessee Bar Journal. As the official publication of the Tennessee Bar Association, the Journal reaches more than 12,000 members of the voluntary organization and is put to use in their offices. In a recent survey, TBA members rated the award-winning Journal as both highly accessible and highly useful. In fact, members rated it as the top service they receive from the TBA. That’s largely because the Journal maintains high standards, reflecting the professionalism of the legal community.

Professional Announcements
Don’t miss this great opportunity to be in front of thousands of your peers, by placing an advertisement to acknowledge your outstanding achievements, new associates, new partners, mergers, awards and any changes within your firm. See the chart below for information on rates and sizes. Special pricing is available as a service to the legal community.

Insert Advertisements
Please call for a quote on insert rates for bind-ins or preprinted inserts, delivered to the printer folded, untrimmed and unstitched. Send four copies of the insert for mechanical review when reserving space. Space must be confirmed six weeks before the cover date (see below for closing dates).

Ad Submission Specs

  • Please submit display and Web ads in electronic format with a printed proof.
  • We accept print ads in PDF, EPS and TIFF formats. Four-color composite PDFs should not have trapping or opi set.
  • We accept online ads in GIF, JPG and PNG formats only. We are unable to accept Flash or other rich media ads.
  • Print ads should be set up as CMYK. Varnishes, spot and metallic colors are available for an additional $200/ea.
  • Advertisements with bleeds must have an excess of 1/8" on each side (with no live copy within 1/4").
  • Online ads include a link to the advertisers’ web site and will be displayed in rotation with other advertisers.
  • Maximum file size for online ads is 40k.
  • Animated ads should be limited to three cycles or 15 seconds.
  • If the supplied file(s) do(es) not meet the production standards of the TBA or the Tennessee Bar Journal, the files may be rejected or corrected at the advertiser’s expense. Any alterations will be billed to the advertiser at $50 per hour (one-hour minimum), plus an administrative fee of $25.


Pricing & Deadlines
Tennessee Bar Journal
Number of Insertions/Months Contracted 1x 3x 6x 12x
Full Page - Back Cover
Full Page - Inside Front or Back Cover
Full Page
Half Page (horizontal only)
One-Third Page (horizontal, vertical or square)
One-Sixth Page (horizontal or vertical)


Tennessee Bar Journal Professional Announcement Rates
Four-Color, per Insertion
Full Page
Half Page (horizontal only)
One-Third Page (horizontal, vertical or square)
One-Sixth Page (horizontal or vertical)


Tennessee Bar Journal issue and closing dates
Issue Date Materials Closing Date Mail Date
Jan. 2020 Nov. 29, 2019 Dec. 29, 2019
Feb. 2020 Dec. 27, 2019 Jan. 31, 2020
Mar. 2020 Jan. 31, 2020 Feb. 28, 2020
Apr. 2020 Feb. 28, 2020 Mar. 31, 2020
May 2020 Mar. 27, 2020 Apr. 28, 2020
June 2020 Apr. 30, 2020 May 31, 2020
July 2020 May 29, 2020 June 30, 2020
Aug. 2020 June 26, 2020 July 31, 2020
Sept. 2020 July 31, 2020 Aug. 31, 2020
Oct. 2020 Aug. 28, 2020 Sept. 29, 2020
Nov. 2020 Sept. 25, 2020 Oct. 31, 2020
Dec. 2020 Oct. 30, 2020 Nov. 30, 2020
Jan. 2021 Nov. 27, 2020 Dec. 29, 2020
Feb. 2021 Dec. 31, 2020 Jan. 31, 2021


Online Advertising on TBA.org

TBA.org is the electronic home for members of the Tennessee legal community. This informative site has been recognized as the nation’s best websites for mid-sized bar associations. TBA.org offers online continuing legal education, an archive of court opinions, electronic forums discussing legal issues, legislative updates and news that affects the Tennessee legal community. Page views average 100,000 per month. Placement on our homepage guarantees your ad will rotate in the right-hand column every 5 seconds. Exclusive placement that guarantees static display of your ad also is an option for a 20% upcharge.

TBA.org Online Advertising
Number of Months Contracted 1x 3x 6x 12x
Large - Homepage
Small - Homepage
Large - Interior Page $250 $225 $200 $180
Small - Interior Page $150 $135 $120 $100


Advertising with TBA's Sections

TBA members may join any of 33 sections organized around specific areas of the law. Advertising with our sections allows you to connect with lawyers practicing in an area of the law that corresponds to your products and services. Options include online ads on section landing pages and ads in section newsletters. Download this 2-page overview for more information.

Print & Online Ad Dimensions

Ad Dimensions
Print Inches Picas
2-Page Spread 11.25 x 17.25 67.5 x 103.5
Full Page - Back Cover 8.75 x 8.875 52.5 x 53.25
Full Page - Bleed 8.75 x 11.25 52.5 x 67.5
Full Page 7.31 x 9.5 44 x 57
Half Page (horizontal) 7.31 x 4.75 44 x 28.5
One-Third Page (square) 4.81 x 4.75 29 x 28.5
One-Third Page (vertical) 2.31 x 9.5 14 x 57
One-Third Page (horizontal) 7.31 x 3.25 44 x 19.25
One-Sixth Page (vertical) 2.31 x 4.75 14 x 28.5
One-Sixth Page (horizontal) 4.81 x 2.31 29 x 14
Online Inches Pixels
Online Large 1.8 x 2.98 180 x 300
Online Small 1.8 x 1.05 180 x 150


Advertising Terms

While TBA.org attempts to confine its advertising to legitimate business endeavors, the statements and material appearing in the advertisements are solely the responsibility of the advertisers.TBA.org and the TBA do not directly or impliedly endorse, support or vouch for the authenticity of any representation made in any advertisement appearing herein. The TBA does not intend to accept any advertising material that is false or misleading.

All accounts are due and payable within 30 days of invoice. Prepayment is required of:

  • advertisers who have not placed an ad with the Tennessee Bar Association within the previous year;
  • those who have previously been delinquent in payment to the TBA;
  • and those placing professional announcements.

We reserve the right to reject any ad for which prepayment has not been received on or before the deadline.

Past Due Accounts
Accounts unpaid will be subject to a 1.5 percent monthly delinquent charge. Accounts with past due balances will have their ads pulled from publication until the balance is paid.

Advertising agencies should add commission to these rates, as the TBA does not discount a commission.

Right to Reject
The Tennessee Bar Association reserves the right to reject advertising at any time. The TBA will not accept advertisements or unpaid announcements regarding continuing legal education programs not sponsored or co-sponsored by the TBA.

Cancellations are accepted only before the published deadline.