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Posted by: Landry Butler on Feb 23, 2012

Create an event

Create an event

From the TBA Administration page:

  • Click “create content”
  • Click “event”

A form will load for you to fill out. Fields with a red asterisk are required.

  • Insert title
  • Set Event Type
  • Set Date and Time

  • Enter location info

  • Enter event summary

At the bottom of this form is the Notifications box with several options in it. You can click on any of these to make changes. For example, under the Groups header, you will see the group that this item is affiliated with. If you want to add additional groups, simply click on the word “groups” to pop out a full listing of TBA groups. To select multiple groups, hold down the command key while you click. The default is that the item will be public, if you want to limit its visibility to only those logged in with this group, uncheck the Public check box below the groups listing.

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Under Publishing Options, you can also have some options. The default is now set to publish, which will put the event in the calendar listings and under the event listings for each group that you have selected. You also have the option of promoting the event to the front page. Please coordinate with others on staff to ensure you are not bumping something more important off of the front when you do this.

You can also make the item “sticky at top of lists.” When this is selected, it moves the item to the top of all events listed for that group. Otherwise, events are listed chronologically.

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You can also choose the file attachments option if you have a pdf file to add to the event. This could be a brochure, agenda or other resources. After you upload it through the form, you can rename it to a descriptive name to replace the file name.

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  • Enter authoring info as needed
  • Save event

Edit an event

  • Find event in calendar
  • Click event title

  • Click Edit tab
  • Make changes as needed
  • Save event