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Posted by: Landry Butler on Feb 23, 2012

Creating an article

1. To create an article, click on the link. A form will load for you to fill out. Fields with a red asterisk are required to be filled out.

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2. When creating an article, you have the option of choosing several different types of article that are preformatted to serve different needs. Choose news if it is a news item that you want to appear in the groups news listings and be available for use in TBA Today, section newsletters and other publications. This format is best for presenting straightforward information. The type news-r is similar, but adds a right hand column of information to use for additional information or links you would like to highlight. Do not choose this type for use in a newsletter.

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Another type you might choose is “info.” This is similar to news, but also provides a right-hand column where you can add additional information, links or other content. This is best used to create pages that provide information about a group, program or event, but are not news. For example you might use an info article to create a page of rules for the upcoming Mock Trial competition.

A third type of article is “programs,” which you could use to write about a program your group is involved in. These items will automatically link from the group’s main index if you have a program link there.

A fourth type of article is “resources,” which functions like the programs type article and is automatically linked Resources in the group index.

3. Attaching files. You can attach PDF or other files to any of these articles. Just go to the bottom of the form page and click on the file attachment link. This lets you browse on your computer or the server to find a file to attach. Select it and click the attach button. After the file has been attached, you can rename it to a more descriptive name if you like. You can also copy the link it generates (shown below the file name) and use this to create a hyperlink to anywhere in the body of the article that you have just created in the editor above. To do so, simply select the type, click on the link icon and fill in the form.

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4. To publish articles, please use the TBA workflow link at the bottom of the form. This listing gives you the ability to enter the article, mark its status as “Ready for Review” and have it reviewed before it is published. All content should be reviewed by at least one other person before it is published.

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Editing an article

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