The Tennessee Bar Association and TBA Member Insurance Solutions have combined to bring TBA members an affordable and quality association group health insurance plan. The plan provides guaranteed issue coverage, with no health questions and no pre-existing condition exclusions. Rates could be as much as 30% below what members are paying today. Open enrollment will start in fall 2021 for 2022 coverage. TBA members of participating employers may be able to join the health insurance plan during other times if circumstances in their life or work change. Contact TBA Member Insurance Solutions to learn more.

Below are answers to common questions about the TBA member health insurance plan. In addition, you can access the current Humana Welcome Kit to learn more details on the insurance plan options. 

What is Humana Association Health Plan Response to COVID-19?

Humana is committed to providing you with answers and support in this rapidly changing environment. Please review COVID-19 Employer FAQs.

Humana has a steadfast commitment to supporting you and will continue to be in regular contact with the CDC, federal agencies, state authorities and provider partners to monitor COVID developments.

• How do I get a quote or enroll?

Use the online quoting and enrollment tool for quotes and enrollment.

Sole proprietors are eligible to enroll if they have at least one W-2 employee working 30+ hours a week.  A minimum of two attorneys/employees must be input into the online quoting and enrollment tool.

• What is the name of the Insurance Carrier?


• Who is eligible under the plan?

Only the Tennessee-based personnel of Participating Employers are eligible to participate in the plan.

• Who is eligible to become a Participating Employer?

Law firm members of the Tennessee Bar Association that meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Is a Tennessee duly organized and validly existing professional corporation, limited liability company, professional limited liability company, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, sole proprietorship, or other entity that complies with the laws of the State of Tennessee;
  • Maintains individual memberships in the TBA for all of its attorneys (please contact Membership Director Mindy Thomas for verification);
  • Qualifies as an entity which provides Legal Services;
  • Constitutes an employer as defined under ERISA § 3(5);
  • Employs in the State of Tennessee at least one common law employee who works a minimum of 30 hours per week;
  • Executes the Tennessee Bar Benefit Trust Participation Agreement; and
  • Elects to participate in the Plan.

• What are my plan and network options? 

There are three benefits options available:

— The Simplicity Plan: $0 Deductible with office visit copays of $25 for PCP, $40 for specialists and $75 for Urgent Care.

— The Deductible + Copay Plan: First dollar coverage with office visit copays of $40 for PCP, $55 for specialists and $100 for Urgent Care. The individual deductible is $5,000.

— The High Deductible Plan: Is HSA qualified with a $5,000 deductible 80% / 20% plan.

All plans are ACA compliant and include annual well visits covered at 100%

In Nashville, the CPOS network includes the HCA and Ascension/St. Thomas hospitals. In Memphis, the CPOS network includes the Baptist, St. Francis and Region One hospitals. In Knoxville, the CPOS network includes the Covenant hospitals, as well as UT Medical Center and Blount Memorial Hospital. In Chattanooga, the CPOS network includes Erlanger and the HCA hospitals. Pretty much all major physician groups are in-network unless they are specifically aligned with facilities that are out-of-network (Memphis – Methodist; Knoxville – Tennova; Chattanooga – Memorial). The Humana ChoiceCare network is the network for all other areas.

• Are there any other insurance plans me or my firm could benefit from?

Yes, we have negotiated with Gulf Guaranty to offer our members a guaranteed issue portable and payroll deducted group plan that can greatly offset the costs of many of the higher deductible plans should you or a covered dependent have an unfortunate hospital stay. These plans are available to any member firm regardless of who you or your spouse might have coverage through. Please review:  Deductible Guard.

• What are the eligibility requirements for dental coverage? 

Same as medical, 2+ groups are eligible for coverage.  

• Does the plan require eligible employees to enroll in coverage in order for their dependents and spouses to obtain coverage?


• Are there limitations on pre-existing conditions? 


• Are 1099 independent contractors allowed on the plan?


• Are non-attorney employees of Participating Employers eligible under the plan?


• Are solo practitioners eligible to become Participating Employers under the plan?

A solo practitioner may be eligible to become a Participating Employer if the solo practitioner employs at least one common law employee in the State of Tennessee and otherwise meets the requirements set for in the plan (see the topic above: Who is eligible to become a Participating Employer?)

• If I am a licensed attorney, not engaged in the practice of law, can I qualify for the plan? 

Generally no. You would only be eligible to participate in the plan if you are employed by a Participating Employer.

• If I am a licensed attorney engaged in another business with other licensed attorneys, can we qualify for the plan? 

You would only be eligible to participate in the plan if you are employed by a Participating Employer.

• Is it possible for non-attorneys who are in the legal services industry to be covered under this plan? 

Yes, as long as you are employed by a Participating Employer.

• What is the plan year?

Full year coverage runs January 1 through December 31 each year with enrollment starting in the fall.

• How do I determine if I can remain with my current physicians if I use this plan?

Two ways, by checking the Humana network provider finder at and/or with your physician’s office to confirm they are a provider in the above networks.

• Who is the point of contact for any issues with open enrollment or plan administration?

Please contact your TBA Member Insurance Solutions representative at 423-629-2400 x264.

• When will I receive my health insurance ID card(s)? 

Once your enrollment is finalized, ID card(s) will be issued within 10 business days, then sent to be mailed to members home address. For this reason we encourage everyone to complete and submit your enrollment as early as possible.

• What happens to my coverage if I leave my firm or move to a status not otherwise covered under the plan? 

You may have the option to elect COBRA coverage.

• What is the health plan coverage timeline?

Open enrollment will start in fall 2021 for 2022 coverage.