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Posted by: Pat Blankenship on Sep 1, 2016

Journal Issue Date: Sep 2016

Journal Name: September 2016 - Vol. 52, No. 9

Read more about Meditation and Mindfulness as part of the September 2016 Tennessee Bar Journal’s cover story, “Just Breathe: How Mindfulness & Meditation Can Ease Stress in Your Life and Law Practice.”

Pat BlankenshipPAT BLANKENSHIP practiced law for 35 years as the managing member of Blankenship & Blankenship in Murfreesboro, Tenn. In 2013, she turned in her law license for a yoga teaching certificate and has never looked back. She has been practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness for approximately 12 years and has been teaching for more than three years. Her classes all begin and end with a few moments of mindful meditation, and she teaches her yoga classes as moving meditations, linking each movement to the breath and encouraging her students to “sink into” each pose, to take time to consciously and intentionally find all the benefit they can find in each pose. Over the course of the last several years, she has studied integrated nutrition, yoga therapy and alignment, Ayerveda and Hindu mythology, and she seamlessly incorporates all of these studies into a full and rich daily yoga and meditation practice. She is currently enrolled in her 500-hour teaching certification and will graduate as a yoga specialist in 2017. 

She is a registered yoga teacher with The Yoga Alliance, and teaches Beginning Yoga in the Physical Education department at Middle Tennessee State University. She is also affiliated with and teaches yoga and meditation classes for The Wellness Collective, Cleveland, Ohio, bringing health, wellness and fitness into the corporate office setting.