Frequently Asked Questions

The Tennessee Bar Association is the premier provider of continuing legal education for lawyers in Tennessee. Live programming is provided in cities across the state in major practice areas, as well as ethics, practice skills and professional development. The TBA is also an innovative provider of online programming, offering timely courses in three formats: online video, online games and online interactive.

Quick Links to CLE Resources

How to Access the TBA CLE Course Catalog
How to Contact the TBA CLE Department
How to Access the Tennessee CLE Commission

Problems Certifying Your Course
If the Certify Your Course link on a video course does not take you to the proper page, you can generally certify the course by going back to your TBA CLE home page and returning to the course you have completed. Just choose the course you want to certify and click on the “Play Course” button. This will take you back to the course. Find the linked paper clips icon above the video window and again choose the “Certify Attendance” option. If this does not take you to the certification page for that course, please contact the TBA

Chrome users on a Mac Won't Play Live Webcasts • Safari May Need Power Saver Feature Turned Off
Chrome on a Mac computer does not support the live webcast format. Chrome users should be able to view any of the archived videos which will include the webcasts approximately 15 minutes after the live program is completed. Firefox and Safari on the Mac can view live webcasts. Safari may require you to suspend the power saver feature for plug-ins. If you hover over the video window, an icon should appear that will let you temporarily suspend the power saver feature for that video. You can also turn off the power saver feature by going to Preferences, Advanced and uncheck the "Stop Plug-ins to Save Power" checkbox.

Are there courses that work on my phone or iPad?
Yes. Virtually all the online video courses are available for mobile devices. Look for the [Mobile Ready] at the end of the course title in the catalog. All of our Live Webcasts will be available on your iPhone or iPad (You will need to download the Mediasite app from the app store to play them). Android devices should be able to view them after they have been saved to Online Video format (Usually within 15 - 30 minutes after the live webcast is over) as well as play all the content marked as [MobileReady].

The Online Interactive and the Online Game courses have an app that will play those courses on your ipad.

I can't login to my account?
You have to either be a member of the TBA or have set up an account as a CLE User if you are not a member. To become a CLE User, go to You can also choose the TBA Membership option to become a member and receive three prepaid credits for courses as well as discounts on CLE courses.

Are all of the TBA's classes accredited?
All of the TBA's classes are accredited in Tennessee.

How do I take a class if I don't have a BPR number?
When you create your account, check the box that reads "I do not have a bpr..." and a tba ID # will be generated for you. Credit cannot be filed with the CLE commission if you do not have an official BPR number.

The video in my course does not play or keeps going from Buffering to Transitioning but never plays or only plays for a very short period? Or other problems with video.
For Windows and Mac users: Make sure that popup blocker is turned off.

For Windows users: Make sure your Windows Media Player is using HTTP Streaming. Open Windows Media Player [It should be available through the Start menu — you may have to choose "All Programs" or Other Programs" ] Go to the "Tools" Menu** -> Choose "Options" then click the "Network" tab. There should be 3 checkboxes "RTSP/UDP" "RTSP/TCP" "HTTP" - Make sure HTTP is checked - If all 3 are checked, try unchecking the two "RTSP" boxes leaving only HTTP checked.

**In newer versions of Windows Media Player you may not see the Tools menu — If you don't see it, Right Click on the title bar at the top of the window and a menu should pop up with tools in it — then follow instructions above.

For Mac users: You need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed or you may need a newer version of Silverlight. You should be able to find what you need at

  • Another option to try if you are experiencing problems viewing a course is to try a different browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, try switching to Firefox or vice versa. You should also try a different computer if possible. Security software such as Norton Anti Virus or Internet Protection Suite or McAfee products can prevent the video from being displayed. 
  • Firewall settings on your internet connection could be the culprit as well. You may need to get your IT staff involved in trying to resolve the issue.
  • If you get a media server not available message or media server error message.
  • Make sure that if using a proxy server that there is an exception for the Mediasite server. You should also try the steps listed in the section above this.

What happens if my system crashes while I am taking a class?
All of the online courses should remember where you were in the course and give you the option of returning there when you play the course the next time.

How does my completed class get reported to the accrediting agency?
TennBarU will file completed classes with the CLE accrediting agency. Your user home page will reflect that the course was filed.

The new domain name for the TBA CLE website is (as of August 4th, 2014).
Whether you type in or or any other variation of previous URLs, you will be redirected to Rest assured that you are on the TBA's CLE website.

I am a TBA member but when I add a class to my shopping cart, it has the non-member price listed?
Check to make sure that your BPR# is entered correctly. It has to be six digits. You have to enter the leading zeroes as part of the number. Example: BPR# is 1111, you have to enter it as 001111. If you have entered your BPR# correctly and your shopping cart still reflects the non-member price, please contact us.