July, 2010

Cover Story

Bredesen says goodbye as candidates discuss key issues facing the legal community

Calling the Tennessee Plan "a fragile thing," that "we came awfully close to losing," Gov. Phil Bredesen addressed a packed ballroom during the Tennessee Bar Association's annual convention in June in Nashville. "It is a great plan. All of us " especially you "...

President's Perspective

In August 2009, retiring Justice David Souter addressed the opening assembly of the American Bar Association's annual meeting in Chicago, sounding an alarm relative to the general public's lack of understanding of our system of government. Souter noted the sad reality that a "majority of the public is unaware of the structure of government," and fails to...

Letters of the Law

It is always a pleasure to read the Tennessee Bar Journal, but I must admit that the most enjoyable part of every issue is the article by Bill Haltom. The one in the May issue ("If You Build It, the Law Students Will Come") is one of his very best. Please encourage Bill to keep up the good work.

— Stephen M. Worrsham,...

Book Review

By Deborah Blum | Penguin Press | $25.95 | 379 pages | 2010

This is an instructive book. It is based on the work of two New York City scientists, medical examiner Charles Norris and his toxicologist Andrew Gettler. We learn about the fatal consequences of chloroform, cyanide, mercury and other substances. Alcohol can be a bad potion, especially...


The HF Law Group PLLC recently announced its intention to move from the central business district of downtown Memphis to eastern Shelby County. Its new address will be 3257 Sarazen's Circle. The firm will keep a presence at its former office in Suite 500 of 119 South Main Street, mostly to accommodate its mediation practice. The firm's principals,...


Administrative Office of the Courts

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has recently unveiled an effort to bring the state's indigent claims process online. The Indigent Claims Entry (ICE) system will significantly streamline the claims process by eliminating more than 90 percent of the 105,000 paper claims the AOC receives on an...

Licensure & Discipline


The following attorneys have been reinstated to the practice of law after complying with Section 20 of Supreme Court Rule 9, which requires the payment of annual registration fees:
Heather M. Gwinn, Boulder, Colo.
Richard J. Rice, Maryville

Lawrence County attorney Charles...
Bank on It

Mark Twain joked that a "banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining and wants it back the minute it begins to rain." Some of our bankers are beginning to feel the same about their regulators and are wondering if the enforcement actions under which some banks are operating do more harm than good. The dark humor question making...

Paine on Procedure

The Lysol Hound Murder

Beer has long been my recreational beverage of choice. I never cared much for mixed drinks. Perhaps the most exotic concoction I ever came across is found in a court opinion, State v. Barnes, 703 S.W.2d 611 (Tenn. 1985). Mix a gallon of water with a container or two of liquid Lysol and add Kool-Aid for sweetener...

But Seriously, Folks

By his own admission, John Grisham is no Faulkner. "I can't even read Faulkner, much less write like him," Grisham told a Memphis Bar Association luncheon a few years and several million book sales ago. But you don't have to be a hero trial lawyer in a Grisham novel to make a case that Grisham is a far more commercially successful novelist than